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The 99Genesis Story

We have been providing web hosting services since 2009 under a different brand name “Mumhosting”. In 2020, we decided to change ownership and rebranded ourselves as “Genesis Cloud 9 Hosting” or as we call it “99Genesis”. We started as a bootstrapped company and gradually our client list grew and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. We had a simple idea to let people have the complete freedom to express themselves online.


Although based in Los Angeles, we operate our hosting services in 12 data centers in 6 countries across 3 continents with a track record of 99.9% uptime. Our persistent expansion of hosting and hosted services has allowed us to serve clients from all around the world.

99Genesis Overview


Best Customer service is our ultimate goal when providing hosting experience. Our customer service team is geographically dispersed covering all timezones and available on hand 24/7 to deliver personalized support so that you can have the peace of mind knowing you are in good, capable hands.

We have grown and still continue to grow on just word of mouth. We do not advertise ourselves too aggressively because users find us through referrals. We don’t need to showcase or advertise any ‘awards’ anywhere. We are happy knowing our clients are happy. We owe huge thanks to our community for joining us and making us what we are today.

Frequently asked questions

Accounts are instantly deployed by our automated system once your invoice is paid. Deployment typically takes under a minute and our system will automatically send you an email containing the login details for your new hosting account.

Our servers are situated in 12 data centers in 6 countries across 3 continents. The data centers are strategically located in areas of dense fiber optic connectivity so that your website’s content is delivered across continents at route optimized speeds. Only the data centers offering the best networks are selected and utilized for our hosting services. Some of the prominent ones are below:

Los Angeles, California
Dallas, Texas
Charlotte, North Carolina
Miami, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Amsterdam, Netherlands
London, UK
Quebec Canada and many more

We recommend selecting the location that is closest to the majority of your visitors. The Los Angeles (USA) location has better hardware, multi-homed bandwidth, and connected to 300+ peers. It is an ideal location if your visitors come from all over the world, or from the USA, Asia, and South-East Asia. On the other hand, North Carolina (USA) or New York (USA), can be an ideal choice if most of your visitors come from the USA and the EU.

Yes they are. All bills are pro-rated to the 1st day of every month. As such the amount you pay initially may differ from the price you see on our website. It will in some cases be either low or higher than the monthly price. If it is lower, then it means you are only paying for the remaining days of that month.

If it’s higher then it means you are paying for the remaining days of the current month + the next month.

The prices are calculated dynamically for each day. As such the price you are charged ultimately is the same price as advertised, the only change is the length of time we are taking the payment for.

Technical support is provided through our secure ticket system which is staffed 24/7/365.

Please click here to submit a support ticket.

Yes, we offer a 30-Days Moneyback Guarantee which is well above the average moneyback duration most hosting companies offer – this gives you more time to evaluate our services.

If you are not satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of your service, you can request for a full refund.

Simply open a support ticket to our Billing Department and we will process it for you.

The only limitation is that the SSL Certificate(s) must be used on accounts/domains hosted on our servers only.

Questions? Comments?

Whether you need help or just want some tips on where to start: hit up our experts anytime.